Diary of a Dachshund - Introduction

This is the diary of Petey the Dachshund. I am a little alpha male dachshund, friendly, laid back and relaxed. I'm cultivating my inner spirituality as zen master Petey.

I do have something to say and so I began writing my diary entries in the fall of 2014. Being a dog I couldn't blog myself and it took until January of 2015 to get my human best friend to put them onto her computer and the internet. I'd like to acknowledge her help and thank all of my readers.

And thank you to the kind people who say hi to me every day and tell me how cute I am. I know this but it is nice of you to say. I like you and I see that you like dogs.

Peace man!

A sad note from Petey's best friend: Petey the Dachshund passed away in May 2016 of cancer. He had spent over the last year of his life living a wonderful life with me in the countryside where we had relocated from the city. His final days were spent sniffing all the exciting rural scents and going on country walks on the forty acres we were living on. We had a good life together and I miss him dearly. He had been adopted from a rescue organization when he was 8 years old and we had 5 wonderful years together. I encourage any of you who are thinking about adopting a dog to consider a rescue dog and consider a senior dog. They make incredible companions. 

This is me, Petey, in my favourite blue raincoat! 

This is me, Petey, in my favourite blue raincoat!