Diary of a Dachshund - November 15, 2014

I feel a little smug but I’m trying hard not to.  A rather regal but friendly Doberman Pinscher issued a new friend invitation to me to go and play. Well his owner did.

My best friend had to say no because I can’t run loose in Toronto but was thrilled that I was asked. She said that she sees the dogs who play in that group and that there aren’t any dachshunds there ever which we deduced means that I’m the only dachshund ever invited.

She said something to her sister on the phone about sounding like it’s a Jane Austen novel conversation and was laughing and saying it’s funny how society works because after I got the invitation her analysis was like something a Jane Austen character would do. Apparently. I wouldn't know personally, I more of a Sherlock Holmes fan than a Jane Austen fan myself.