Diary of a Dachshund - October 17, 2014

Today I found a red candy wrapper in the lobby. Well a man dropped it but I’m not sure if he was littering or if it was just an accident.  With my lightning fast nose and swooping ability I had it in my mouth before my best friend even realized. She prised it out of my mouth as the embarrassed man apologized for having dropped it. 

I was so pleased he did drop it so that I could pick it up and eat it, but so indignant that he would litter (although maybe accidently I guess we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt even though I really think he was littering) that I had an odd sense of being a dachshund with very mixed emotions.

This was new, usually I just think about eating. Must be all the inner work I’ve been doing on myself – you know the spiritual guru stuff. I didn’t realize it would come with all this sense of moral responsibility.